Portofino Bay Resort

Just the word Portofino invokes thoughts of moonlit bay nestles on the Riviera… the quaint Liguarian fishing village became a favorite getaway for Europe’s rich and famous.

Inhabiting the village of Portofino is a large Italian family called the Moretti’s. Generations of Moretti men had harvested the “Frutti Del Mare” (fruit of the sea) for centuries. Papa was no exception. The Moretti’s were simple, honest, and full of life and of course vino! However, when Papa was not out fishing he could always be seen in his favorite bar, The Thirsty Fish, having a drink or two (or one too many!).

Then one terrible day, tragedy struck… a huge storm appeared from nowhere and papa Moretti was lost out at sea, never to be seen again. The Moretti family was devastated. Mama Della Moretti’s beloved papa had died, leaving her and her many children in emotional and financial distress.

Mama did not know what to do since papa had always taken care of everything. So she asked for help. The family began to think of what she should do. Her brother Sal who ran the local Sal’s Market Deli said, “Just do what you do every Sunday, just do it seven days a week!”

Still not sure how she would make it work or turn her home into a restaurant Mama thought, where would she get everything she needs to open a restaurant, who would help her serve, entertain, cook?

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